Thursday, 29 March 2012

"I'd like to thank" linklist

I wanted to post a big public thank you to our blogging team, who have managed to capture so much of the conference, so quickly, despite the challenges of spotty wifi, lack of sleep and the temptation to get offline and into the sunshine. We've had over 500 visitors on this blog in the last few days, and no doubt many more reading via RSS. It's great to know so many people are benefiting from the hard work put in by the bloggers; do look out for a few final posts appearing in the next few days.

It was also exciting to see our Twitter stream so densely populated by faces old and new. You can view an archive of tweets here (big thanks to @mhawksey and @chriskeene for this genius bit of Tweet gathering and analysis - there's also an alternative archive with some interesting content analysis here). Thanks to everyone who participated in this way - the backchannel discussions were a fascinating mix of additional perspectives and good-natured banter.

  • Conference photos will appear in due course here, thanks to the peerless @SimonPhotos - @daveyp has also put a few on Flickr while @arendjk has some lovely timelapses on YouTube
  • There are already lots of presentations online here
  • Videos of the plenary sessions will arrive here
  • @archelina has written a great summary of the whole conference here and @AnnMichael has managed to capture the Wednesday morning debate here
Thanks again to all involved - bloggers, tweeters, speakers, sponsors, delegates, exhibitors, volunteers, committee members, staff and especially to the SECC wifi team .. oh, wait. Maybe not ;-) Hope to see many of you at our one-day conference, "Rethinking Collections: approaches, business models, experiences" - put it in your diaries now! (15th November, London). Meanwhile, don't forget to enter our photo competition now that you've got your hands on our new logo!

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