Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Catherine Allen – Touchpress – “Innovation in non-fiction content”

Excellent and informative presentation from Catherine, showing the possibilities of taking Ebooks and publishing to the next level.

Brilliant interactive learning tools with 3D images of chemical elements. 

The Wasteland – T.S. Eliot brought to life with Fiona Shaw reading the poem, interspersed with T S Eliot reading his poem, the reader and the text of the poem together and original manuscript with T S Eliots annotations.

Apps started in the 1990’s think back to the fabulous Encarta.

Apps as a whole generate more revenue than Hollywood and people spend more tiime with their apps than watching TV!

The future of apps = being integrated into everyday items such as fridges, Google glasses.

What do apps mean for scholarly communication?  We are at a point where there is so much scope.

Fantastic presentation showing the use of apps in the future.  The opportunities for science and medicine are incredible.  I am looking forward to it.

By Jo Milton, Medical Library Cambridge University Library, School of Clinical Medicine

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